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8. Creativity and Culture

8.2 Administration and governance

Last update: 4 April 2022
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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectorial cooperation


The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture is the main governmental authority responsible for shaping the public policy in culture. However, most of the work carried out within the sector of creativity and culture is done by individuals or organizations, without any involvement of the central government. Municipalities shape their own policy further in regard to youth affairs, including creativity and culture. Many municipalities offer summer jobs to young people which are based upon enriching culture. The municipality of Reykjavík offers summer jobs through Reykjavik Youth Centre. Many other municipalities have offered similar experiences to young people, for example, Akureyri. 


Cross-sectorial cooperation

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Prime minister’s office share responsibility for culture, arts, and youth affairs. When it comes to policymaking, top-level authorities might seek consultation with various public and non-public actors in the field of culture and creative arts.