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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 29 March 2024

All Irish young people being ‘Connected, respected and contributing to their world’ is a goal outcome of the Irish National Policy Framework for Children and Young People, 2014-2020. The framework states that young people should ‘be civically engaged, socially and environmentally conscious, and […] aware of their rights as well as being responsible and respectful of the law’ (pp. 6). This is discussed further under Chapter 9.1 General context.

The Irish government’s Climate Action Plan 2024 includes as a 'current and future action' to "Enhanced engagement through multilateral climate and environmental processes will be progressed, as well as supporting greater participation of young people, women and other marginalised groups". 

ESD to 2030: Second National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development aims to ensure that Education for Sustainable Development is embedded into Irish policy and operational frameworks, and also seeks to transform Irish learning environments. 

The Strategy commits Irish government departments to adopting a lifelong learning approach and continuing to build educator capacity at in formal education organistions, as well as supporting the capacity building of educators, youth workers and volunteers involved in youth work. 

The strategy is described further in Chapter 9.4 Raising awareness about global issues