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EACEA National Policies Platform


9. Youth and the World

Last update: 14 September 2022

This chapter provides information on young people's participation in all stages of policy-making related to global issues, and on youth cooperation at global level.

The chapter will present information on which global issues young people of the German-speaking Community are interested in (Chapter 9.1 - General context) and which institutions are involved (Chapter 9.2 - Administration and governance). Chapter 9.3 - Exchanges between young people and policy-makers on global issues will describe the mechanisms of exchange between young people and policy-makers, both at domestic and international level. An explanation of how young people's awareness about global issues is being risen, including learning methods and information campaigns follows in Chapter 9.4 - Raising awareness about global issues. Chapter 9.5 - Green volunteering, production and consumption deals with sustainability in the German-speaking Community. Information on youth work cooperation outside of europe as well as on activities developing cooperation can be found in Chapter 9.6 - Intercontinental youth work and development cooperation. Finally, Chapter 9.7 - Current debates and reforms summarises any current initiatives on the topic of youth and the world in the German-speaking Community. 

Young people's contribution to global processes of policy-making, implementation and follow-up is not a political priority in the German-speaking community. However, that doesn't mean that young people in the German-speaking Community aren't interested in global issues. The Youth Council of the German-speaking Community (Rat der Deutschsprachigen Jugend, RDJ) releases opinion reports from time to time on global issues such as on atomic energy in 2016 (opinion report on the topic of atomic energy, Stellungnahme zum Thema Atomenergie) or on the walks for climate in 2019 (opinion report on walks for climate: youth for climate, Stellungnahme Klimamärsche: Youth for climate).