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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 28 November 2023

Participation of young people to the global policy making process in Czech Republic is mostly a domain of civil society. It also depend on personal  attitude and beliefs about the own role in the society and the world. Although the state provides support in the frame of various public policies, there is no special comprehensive policy in the Country for the promotion of young people’s engagement with global issues at international level.

The national general approach could be marked with the motto 'think globally and act locally', that is thinking from a global perspective while acting at home to help those who are not so fortunate abroad. This principle inspires many activities, especially among civil society organisations and their initiatives addressed to young people. A solidarity culture is also strengthened due to the pro-active implementation of projects such those ones funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme. 

There are two main concepts in the Czech Republic linked to education related with global issues: 'EVVO' – 'Environmental education, upbringing and enlightenment' and 'GRV' – 'The global development education' as described in more detail in the chapter.

In the absence of specific national policy, transcontinental cooperation in the field of youth work is mainly supported by the European Union programmes for youth. The Czech Republic was not a colonial country, and thus international thematic, educational and humanitarian supports are more in common.

There are several cooperation agreements with other countries from different continents, such as Korea or Israel

Global development education support schemes involve mainly NGOs. Since 2016, the UN Youth Delegate Programme, offers the opportunity for two selected youth representatives, based on the open public annual call, to exchange their views within the General Assembly of the United Nations and respective UN youth forums, such as the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum ..