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EACEA National Policies Platform


9. Youth and the World

Last update: 27 October 2020


Targets and measures for youth participation in the international arena and increasing awareness of the youth on the global problems are included in the policy part “Youth in the International Arena” of the National Youth and Sports Police Document (Ulusal Gençlik ve Spor Politikası Belgesi). Along with the works of the public authorities, independently non-governmental organisations and universities also occupy an important position in supporting participation of the youth in international cooperation and decision-making mechanisms. Joint organisations carried out within the context of cooperation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports with other countries in the field of youth and joint supports for civil youth initiatives are important activities of the Ministry of Youth and Sports aimed at building the youth interest in the world problems up. International youth camps organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports contribute to raising international awareness of the youth. Furthermore, within the scope of Youth Project Support Program (Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı Gençlik Projeleri Destek Programı) of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, non-governmental organisations are supported in the manner that enables the youth to meet other youth work channels in the international arena or set the ground for them to establish cooperation with other non-governmental organisations in the international arena. The Centre for EU Education and Youth Programs (National Agency) is the implementing authority for Erasmus+ Programme. The National Agency carries out awareness raising works on the opportunities on learning and cooperation presented for the youth, and guides the youth.