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9. Youth and the World

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Youth and the world

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Several Flemish-funded youth organisations take up the task to raise the awareness of young people about global issues such as human rights and sustainable development. On the other hand, different ministries of the Flemish Government carry out a global plan for sustainable development. Many organisations have initiated projects about sustainable development and have developed methods, instruments and campaigns targeting young people.


Sustainability is an interplay between ecological, social, global and economic dimensions. In the Flemish Youth and Children’s Rights policy plan the Flemish Government places the emphasis on the ecological component. Children and young people can make their own active contributions to a sustainable living environment. Structural measures are to ensure embedment. Several social actors play a role in this.

EU cooperation with partner countries is aimed at contributing to human development and engagement of young people worldwide and is core to more resilient societies and to enhance trust between cultures and stability for the EU itself. In addition, it seeks to promote active participation in society at global level. EU is supporting young people to engage with regions outside Europe and become more involved in global policy processes regarding issues such as climate change, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, human rights, etc. In particular, this means:

  • raising awareness of global issues among young people

  • providing opportunities for young people to exchange views with policy makers on global issues

  • fostering mutual understanding among young people from all over the world through dialogue

  • encouraging young people to volunteer for environmental projects ("green volunteering") and to act green in their everyday life (recycling, saving energy, using hybrid vehicles, etc.)

  • promoting entrepreneurship, employment, education, and volunteering opportunities outside Europe

  • promoting cooperation with and exchanges between youth workers on different continents

  • encouraging young people to volunteer in developing countries or to work on development issues in their own country.