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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 28 November 2023

National Youth Programme 2014-2017, a last valid strategic document that regulates youth issues in the Republic of Croatia and the purpose of which is advancing the activities of government bodies and public institutions that contribute to the fulfilling of youth needs and raising their quality of life. The National Programme contains a comprehensive analysis of the status of youth in Croatia and specific goals for each area as well as detailing implementing assignments, implementation carriers and associates, implementation deadlines, and implementation indicators for each of the proposed measures.

The “Youth and the world” area of the EU Youth Strategy is based on EU member states cooperating by the Open method of coordination, structured dialogue with the youth, drawing up reports on youth issues on the EU level, youth work participation, and other similar methods. Some of these methods were recognized in areas of the previous National Youth Programme 2014-2017.

The area “Youth in the European and global context” was focused on the participation of youth, youth sector stakeholders and relevant institutions in creating youth policies on the level of the EU, Council of Europe and the United Nations, as well as on stimulating youth mobility on the European and global levels.

With the support of the former Ministry of Demographics, Family, Youth and Social Policy, Croatia has been successfully implementing the European Youth Card project, the purpose of which is: “To support the youth in researching and preserving the rich and diverse natural and cultural heritage of Croatia and Europe, expanding and enriching the youth experience, developing their creativity and desire to research new cultures, expanding multiculturalism and active youth participation in society.”