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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 30 March 2022

In Slovakia, the governance of the global issues is widely spread among various ministries and public institutions, having in agenda development aid, sustainable development and green consumption, global development education, human rights issues and overall management of Agenda 2030. Nevertheless, only global development education field is clearly oriented on young people as the main target (9.2).

In global issues, the driving force are activities and initiatives of non-governmental organisationsAmbrela is the platform for non-governmental development organisations in Slovakia, influencing policy making in the area of development cooperation and raising public awareness about global issues. The members of the Platform started tradition of campaign and annual activates e.g. Global Education Week in Slovakia (9.4).

Practice to exchange views between young people and policy makers is short, but global issues are discussed in broader extent in the Strategy of the Slovak Republic for Youth for 2021 – 2028. The Strategy reflects the importance of climate crisis and global environmental issuses, carbon neutrality and also global education.