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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 28 November 2023

Global themes seem to be “in” in Finnish youth policy today. The driving force for non-formal education is the Youth Act which highlights solidarity, cultural diversity and internationality as the principles to be followed in all actions based on the Act. That means that youth work and non-governmental organisations in the youth field subsidised by the state are on board with that. In schools and educational institutions, national core curriculums and qualification requirements offer many alternatives on how to include globality into teaching, learning and communal action (see more in Youth Wiki/Finland 9.4 Raising awareness about global issues).

Overall, promoting young people’s participation in global issues is an integral part of Finnish youth policy. The young people’s representative participates in the Climate Round Table led by Prime Minister. Young people have their own group for concretising the World 2030 objectives from a youth point view for the national decision-making processes. The Finnish Youth Delegates are actively around the world participating in international meetings (see more in Youth Wiki/Finland 9.3 Exchanges between young people and policy-makers on global issues and 9.7 Current debates and reforms.)