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9. Youth and the World

Last update: 4 February 2024

The Action Plan of the National Youth Policy for 2023-2027 notes that 1) although the flow of emigration in Lithuania has basically stabilized, a large part of those leaving Lithuania is made up of young people; 2) There is a lack of data both on young Lithuanians living abroad and on immigrants and refugees in Lithuania, so that evidence-based decisions can be made; 3) it is necessary to further increase the opportunities for the Lithuanian diaspora to maintain their Lithuanian identity and contribute to the creation of prosperity in Lithuania.; 4) the network of community organizations of the Lithuanian diaspora is still underdeveloped and does not meet the needs of the majority of the youth of the Lithuanian diaspora; 5) the attitudes of young people regarding return are influenced by the lack of information and support mechanisms in Lithuania, which would be compensated by success stories and better business involvement.

The World Lithuanian Youth Union (PLJS - has been operating since 1972 - an independent, non-political, volunteer-based youth organization whose main goal is to gather the world's Lithuanian youth, support the network of Lithuanian youth organizations around the world and represent their interests. PLJS unites more than 30 youth unions and communities around the world. The organization's mission is to create an active and civil youth community abroad while maintaining and nurturing the Lithuanian identity. It is a youth organization of foreign Lithuanians, whose main activity goal is to unite foreign Lithuanian youth organizations and represent them on a global scale.