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5. Participation

5.9 E-participation

Last update: 4 April 2022

There are no legal provisions for e-participation. In general, E-participation is often emphasised as the ultimate way to involve young people in policy and society. As indicated in paragraph 5.4, 67% of the municipalities organised online participation (5% on a structural basis, 62% ad hoc) in 2017.       

On the website of Bataljong (Bataljong is an organization that connects and informs youth councilors, youth officials and youth aldermen in order to achieve a strong policy for young residents) some tips, tools and instruments for online participation are mentioned.

Lomap is one of the tools that is mentioned on the website of Bataljong. Lomap is a free smartphone app and photography tool. It allows children and young people in particular to express their opinion about a neighborhood or city in a fun and intuitive way, by adding color codes and icons. Children/young people can take pictures and indicate via color and text whether they like or dislike something in their neighbourhood.  The app has already been used by different cities and municipalities.