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3. Employment & Entrepreneurship

Last update: 18 January 2021

Employment & Entrepreneurship

Special feature

The Belgian federal system involves three Communities and three economic Regions. Regional and Community levels exercise their allocated competencies. At regional level, there are competencies, such as Employment and Active Labour Market policies and at Community level there are Education policies. Furthermore, the chapter illustrates how employment and entrepreneurship for young people can be a joint responsibility of the Minister for Employment, the Minister for Education and the Minister for Youth.


Belgium presented a Youth Guarantee Implementation Plan in December 2013, updated in April 2014. The scheme targets young people under 25 years. The implementation is coordinated by the regional Public Employment Service (in the Flemish Community: VDAB). However, VDAB has already implemented the Youth Employment Plan in 2007. With this plan VDAB want to tailor its standard services better to the needs of young job-seekers aged 18 to 25. Its goal is to stimulate young people to find a job as quickly as possible. In the light of Youth Guarantee, VDAB has decided not to create a new plan, but to strengthen the existing Youth Employment Plan. The plan is further described in the chapter.