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5. Participation

5.9 E-participation

Last update: 28 November 2023

There are no programmes encouraging young people’s electronic participation. 

However, youth e-participation in in The EU Youth Dialogue (previously the Structured Dialogue) is encouraged and promoted through online platform platform "" established by KOMS - National Youth Council of Serbia (see section 5.8 Raising political awareness among young people/Promoting the intercultural dialogue among young people). Through the same platform, KOMS implements the “Dialogue with institutions“ programme wherein representatives of the national authorities (Prime Minister, Minister of Youth and Sport etc.) participate in dialogues with young people.

Additionally, UNICEF Serbia launched the "U-Report" platform in 2019 to engage young people in the decision-making process within their schools and communities and to influence services, policy, legislation on subnational, national, regional and global levels. The platform provides opportunities for young people to respond to polls on various topics, report issues and support children rights. The data and insights are intended to be shared back with communities and connected to policymakers who make decisions that affect young people.