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6. Education and Training

6.9 Awareness-raising about non-formal and informal learning and quality youth work

Last update: 31 December 2023

Information providers / counselling structures is an online GIS tool which consists of:

  • An online map to find information about youth work infrastructure (e.g. youth centres, youth houses, …) and public places for youngsters (e.g. playgrounds, hangouts, …) in Flanders and Brussels
  • A web tool on which municipalities and youth workers in Flanders and Brussels can use to chart and manage their own youth space.

On the website of the Ambrassade (responsible for development, support and provision of information to the youth sector) an overview of youth work in Flanders can be found (in Dutch).

Awareness raising initiatives

Flanders has already taken steps, initiated initiatives and launched pilot projects, but mainly from a strong labor market focus. Top-level authorities' efforts in raising awareness among the public about the value of non-formal and informal learning in youth work are scarce.

Since 2001, "The Day of Youth Movement" (Dag van de Jeugdbeweging) has been organized in October. That day, all youth movements come together to ask for attention for their target group, youth, and their organisation, the youth movement. All children and young people who are members of a youth movement go to school in their youth-moving clothes that day. This day is organized by the Flemish youth movements themselves.

The Ambrassade also devotes a web page on the value of youth work (in Dutch).