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5. Participation

5.9 E-participation

Last update: 31 March 2022

Besides conventional participation methods, participation through social media which is also referred to as new participation is quite common in Turkey. Young people use the social media intensively in Turkey. Almost each public organisation and institution in Turkey has social media accounts and mobile applications. Young people are able to reach addressees 24/7 through these accounts. In addition, “

"Presidential Communication Center-CIMER", which is under the Presidency's Directorate of Communications Public Relations Department, is an electronic public service tool developed by using communication and information technologies, created for the use of the right to petition and the right to obtain information.

Applications made by citizens for complaints, requests, opinions and suggestions via or are immediately processed, evaluated and finalized by CIMER personnel of institutions and organizations. In addition, citizens can apply for CIMER by calling the "ALO 150" (Dial 150) phone line. When the applicant calls "ALO 150", the CIMER User at the Governor's Office of the province answers the phone and can record the application of the person with guiding questions and direct it to the relevant public institution or transfer the application to the Directorate of Communications for preliminary evaluation. At the same time, citizens can apply through letters and fax applications that they wrote to the Directorate of Communications. All work and procedures related to CIMER applications are coordinated and monitored by the Directorate of Communications. The CIMER system is accessible to all citizens, especially young people. The main issues on the agenda of the country and social media are compared with the applications coming to CIMER and the emphasis/focus applications are identified. In this context, young people's applications are separated from adult applications and subject to a special reading and evaluation.

Through information and communication technologies, citizens are informed about the work carried out under CIMER. In the field of "CIMER" on the website of the Directorate of Communications, information is provided regarding to the issues resolved in coordination with public institutions based on the applications made by the citizens to CIMER, to statesmen, institutions and organizations, the thank you messages they have sent to the employees and CIMER, and the good/fun applications from children and young people, and such information is updated periodically. In addition, there is a frequently asked questions area about the subjects that citizens are curious about and want to get information about.

In order for the citizens to offer new policy proposals and to receive their contributions on the current policies, the "Participate in the Administration" application was launched through CIMER. With the application, citizens convey their opinions and suggestions about the topics announced regarding the actions and policies on the agenda via CIMER. The topics presented to the citizens in the "Participate in the Administration" application are kept up-to-date by changes according to the country's agenda. Particular attention is paid to the views of young people on the country's agenda and actions with the "Participate in the Administration", and in this context, the Ministry of National Education and the Council of Higher Education have been contacted.