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7. Health and Well-Being

Last update: 28 November 2023

The German-speaking Community, just like the other two communities of Belgium, is responsible in its area for health policy. The German-speaking Community is responsible for:

  • care policy within and outside care institutions (hospitals, retirement homes)
  • health education and health promotion and
  • preventive medicine (preventive actions)

In the health area, alongside the specialist medical and paramedical staff, numerous organisations and services work that have specific tasks and are subsidised to do this by the German-speaking Community. Here the Ministry of the German-speaking Community is responsible for guiding, subsidising and inspecting these health services.

With regard to notifiable infectious diseases, the Ministry takes on the following tasks: monitoring notifiable infectious diseases and ordering medical measures that may be necessary, for example in the case of meningitis, tuberculosis etc.

Furthermore, the Ministry plans and executes its own campaigns in terms of national health. The German-speaking Community also subsidises building and equipping measures in the two hospitals in the German-speaking area as well as the emergency doctor service in Eupen and St. Vith.