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7. Health and Well-Being

7.8 Current debates and reforms

Future prospects for sport in East Belgium

Initiatives in school and grass roots sport are conducted by the Sport department of the Ministry in cooperation with various partners.

For the Sport area, the main topics includes anti-doping and the combination of sport, health and balanced nutrition.

Further provision for active families but also modern and contemporary initiatives for young people and children are being developed.

Talent promotion and sports facilities development need regular guidance and reflection. It is necessary to stay abreast of the society's challenges and appropriate provision and concepts are being developed.

In particular comprehensive and sustainable planning for the sports facilities infrastructure to be promoted in future is of primary importance.


Introduction of a Sports umbrella organisation

The project "Strengthening sports structures" (Sportstrukturen stärken) of the Regional Development Concept III (Regionales Entwicklungskonzept III, REK III) serves as a basis for introducing a Sports umbrella organisation in German-speaking Belgium. Previously, the responsibility for sports structures and management were divided between several organisations such as the sports department of the Ministry of the German-speaking Community, the sports commission and the sports council. Following the latest change of the sports decree (Sportdekret) of 19 April 2004 on 22 June 2020, the Leading association of the East-Belgian sports (Leitverband des ostbelgischen Sports, LOS) was founded and both the sports commission and the sports council were disbanded. LOS will consequently take over both the responsibilities of the commission and the council and part of the responsibility of the sports department. The transfer of responsibilities is planned to be finalised by 30 June 2022.


Living healthy in East Belgium

"Living healthy in East Belgium" (Gesund leben in Ostbelgien) is a Regional Development Concept III (Regionales Entwicklungskonzept III, REK III) project. Within the framework of the REK III, measures of the health areas and offers, which were developed on the basis of the health planning (health promotion, mental health, rehabilitation, care, etc.), are to be implemented in an integrated way. The aim is to strengthen the health network in the German-speaking Community and to prepare for the future together with the stakeholders. The project is divided into four sub-projects. Each sub-project contributes to the optimization of health care for the population. The responsibilities transferred as part of the state reform, which have not yet been reorganized, are the focus of two subprojects.