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Last update: 3 July 2024

Young People in Belgium (German-speaking Community)

As of 1 January 2024, statistics showed that of a total Belgian population of 11.763.650 inhabitants, 79.479 were living in the German-Speaking Community. To frame the specific situation of the German-Speaking Community and their young people, the table below provides information about the total Belgian population, the total German-Speaking Community population and the number of young people between 10 and 30 years old, which is the official age span for young people as defined by legislation in the German-speaking Community. The data also show the relevant percentages and the gender balance.

Young people in the German-speaking Community
Population Men Women Total
Belgium 10-30 years 1.491.130 1.444.311 2.935.441
Belgium Total 5.797.225 5.966.425 11.763.650
Belgium % 10-30 25,72% 24,21%  24,95%
German-speaking Community 10-30 years 9.467 8.855 18.322
German-speaking Community Total 39.443 40.036 79.479 
German-speaking Community % 10-30 24,00% 22,12% 23,05%




Youth Policy in Belgium (German-speaking Community)

The federal ‘Belgian’ level of government only has limited competence in youth matters (e.g. some aspects of judicial youth protection), but there is no youth policy at Belgian level. The Communities are responsible for youth and youth policy. It is at this level that most explicit 'youth policy instruments' can be found.

The Communities each have a minister responsible for Youth, a parliamentary commission and youth related administrative departments and a large number of specific youth-related budget items. As each community has its own youth minister, Belgium has three. The current Minister for Youth of the German-speaking Community is Gregor Freches.


Ratio of young people in the total Belgian population on 1st January 2024

Ratio of men and women in the total Belgian youth population (ages 15-29)

Statistic references


Data are for Belgium as a whole, and might not represent the demographic situation in the Belgian German-Speaking Community.

StatBel: Number of Belgians sorted by Age and Gender  [data extracted on 26/06/2024]

Ostbelgien in Zahlen: Number of inhabitants of the German-speaking Community of Belgium sorted by Age and Gender [data extracted on 26/06/2024]