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EACEA National Policies Platform


6. Education and Training

6.10 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 3 March 2021

"Good staff for good schools"

School heads and members of staff regularly come up against the limits of current public service law. The Regional Development Concept (REK II) diagnoses that current statutory regulations give very little leeway in recruitment and little job security at the start of the career.

The "Good staff for good schools" concept lays down the guidelines for modernisation of public service law. The aims of the new concept:

  • Strengthening the schools' autonomy
  • Promotion of teamwork in teaching
  • Support of career beginners
  • New forms of career development.


Projects of the REK III

As of 2019, the Regional Development Concept III (Regionales Entwicklungskozept III, REK III) replaces the REK II. The REK III covers the timeframe from 2019 to 2024. Consequently, new projects have been initiated, some of them using the aforementioned "Good staff for good schools" as a starting point. One of them, being considered the basis for all other projects concerning the "Education Region" (Bildungsregion) is the project "Overall vision: making education fit for the future" (Gesamtvision: Bildung zukunftsfähig gestalten). Other projects of the Bildungsregion are "Integration and Diversity" (Integration und Diversität), "Promote language education and multilingualism" (Sprachbildung und Mehrsprachigkeit fördern), "Improve educational opportunities" (Bildungsangebote verbessern), "The future of special education in mainstream schools" (Zukunft der Förderpädagogik in Regelschulen, which is explained in more detail in "4.8 - Current debates and reforms of Social Inclusion"), "Teachers of tomorrow" (Lehrer von morgen), "Designing modern places of learning" (Moderne Lernorte gestalten) and "Preparing for real life" (Auf das echte Leben vorbereiten). As their names suggest, some of those projects target not only the area of Education and Training, but also Social Inclusion ("Integration and Diversity") or Employment and Entrepreneurship ("Preparing for real life").