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7. Health and Well-Being

7.5 Mental health

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  1. National strategy(ies)
  2. Improving the mental health of young people

National strategy(ies)

There are currently no national strategies on young peoples' mental health in the German-speaking Community of Belgium. But for those affected with mental illness, there is targeted assistance in the German-speaking Community.

Improving the mental health of young people

For young people with mental illness there is targeted assistance in the German-speaking Community.

The BTZ (Beratungs- und Therapiezentrum)

The BTZ is a public counselling and therapy facility. The services are aimed at adults, children and young people, individuals, couples, parents and families.

The BTZ provides assistance with mental health problems and interpersonal difficulties:

Stress and pressure, anxiety and depression, behavioural disorders, educational difficulties, questions on drug taking, dependency and addictive behaviour, mental illness, family conflict, separation or estrangement, sexual difficulties, suffering violence etc.

The activity covers:

individual psychological counselling for young people and adults, psycho-social support, partnership consultation, family and parent consultation, child diagnosis and therapy, out-patient psychological care and group therapy.

Various occupational groups...

The BTZ brings together various occupational groups in one location: psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. The members of staff are trained in different specialist areas.

The first consultation gives the clients the opportunity to describe their difficulties, concerns and expectations. At the first consultation, client and counsellor plan how to proceed. From that, the counsellor will discuss the request and range of counselling services with his/her specialist colleagues.

The BTZ staff are bound to professional secrecy.

Psychiatric treatment at the St. Josef clinic in St. Vith

The clinic in St. Vith has a psychiatric ward with 30 beds. This ward provides acute inpatient treatment and therapy for adults. Depending on the case, young people from 16 years of age are also accepted.

The functions:

  • Diagnosis of illness
  • Therapeutic services ranging from drug therapy to psychotherapy, art and ergotherapy
  • Social and parent counselling

The Federal State finances both the inpatient service at the St. Josef clinic and the psychiatric day clinic. The patient's own contribution is largely covered by health insurance. As with any other stay in hospital, there is just a remaining amount to pay.