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8. Creativity and Culture

8.2 Administration and governance

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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectorial cooperation


Various legal bases:

The Culture Promotion Decree

The Culture Promotion Decree governs the promotion of the professional cultural bodies (cultural education, young talent and youth development), the promotion of cultural projects for young people, the promotion of cultural projects with schools, the promotion of amateur arts associations (promotion of young talent), the classification of the children's and youth choirs and much more.

In the last few years, cultural promotion in the DG has been strongly influenced by the Culture Promotion Decree coming into force and the accompanying financial enhancement.

On 1 January 2014 the Decree on the Promotion of Culture in the German-speaking Community came into force. The Decree does not define what culture is or what it should look like but creates a framework for the promotion of those creating culture in East Belgium.

Specifically, this Decree governs the classification and promotion of the professional cultural event organisers, the professional culture producers and the two cultural centres in the south and north of the German-speaking Community as well as the promotion of amateur arts organisations and the amateur art association.

Over and above that, the Culture Promotion Decree envisages further promotion programmes for special cultural projects, for anniversary celebrations, youth cultural projects, bursaries, cultural projects with schools and measures for improving access to culture. Schools can, for example, set up their own cultural project with artists, professional cultural bodies or amateur arts associations and obtain grants from the German-speaking Community. The cultural projects are only funded if the meet the prescribed criteria and if a completed application form has been submitted to the Ministry.

Apart from that, various projects in the artistic and cultural area, such as "Culture Makes the School" or "Bérénice - culture unites cultures!" are being developed and supported.

Decree on Creative Workshops

Seven creative workshops in East Belgium provide a break from everyday life. Thus the workshops offer language, painting or fitness courses for children and adults. People garden, dance or research together – for example how Indians really lived.

Museum Decree

The German-speaking Community has made it its task to recognise the museums that meet the ICOM criteria and to give them a special financial subsidy to support the professionalisation of the individual institutions. By means of these criteria, the museums aiming for recognition are classified into the different subsidy categories.

The museums recognised receive a lump sum per category towards the financing of their functioning costs. In addition, additional modular funding is laid down by decree, the granting and level of which is specified in an agreement between the DG and the museums in question and relate in particular to quality increase and staffing.

The Museum Decree, which governs the regulating and recognition of the museums, was renewed in 2007 and then passed in the parliament.

Cross-sectorial cooperation

Cooperation of the Culture and Education departments in the "Culture Makes the School" project

The promotion programme "Culture Makes the School" was launched in the 2013-2014 academic year by the government of the German-speaking Community. As the project is completely financed by the government and takes place in schools, it reaches all children. Both children with a migration background and people with disabilities or people from socially disadvantaged situations come into contact with art and culture.