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EACEA National Policies Platform


7. Health and Well-Being

Last update: 18 December 2021

Every year all primary and secondary schools and also the university student population in Slovenia participate in SLOfit. SLOfit is a national surveillance system for physical and motor development of children and youth. In school year 2015/2016, a resurgence of excessive nutrition and the consequent decline in the childhood and youth physical performance was shown. Compared to other EU countries, there is a growing trend of increasing obesity in Slovenia. As many as a fifth of girls and a quarter of boys have a body weight higher than recommended. Therefore, the National Programme for Youth 2013-2022 (Resolucija o Nacionalnem programu za mladino 2013-2022) foresees as an objective “Promoting regular physical activity, balanced nutrition and maintenance of the recommended body weight among young people”.

Main governmental authorities responsible for youth health are the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health.

There are several national strategies and programmes addressing sport, youth fitness and physical activity:

  1. The National Programme of Sports of the Republic of Slovenia 2014–2023 (Nacionalni program športa v Republiki Sloveniji 2014–2023) provides general framework for promotion and support of sport and physical activity
  2. The National Programme for Youth 2013–2022 (Resolucija o Nacionalnem programu za mladino 2013-2022)
  3. The National Programme for Nutrition and Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) 2015–2025 (Nacionalni program o prehrani in telesni dejavnosti za zdravje 2015–2025)
  4. Resolution on National programme of Mental Health 2018–2028 (Resolucija o nacionalnem programu duševnega zdravja 2018–2028).
  5. The Strategy for the Health of Children and Youth in Connection with the Environment (2012–2020)(Strategija za zdravje otrok in mladostnikov v povezavi z okoljem 2012–2020).


At the upper secondary level, the health education and healthy lifestyles lessons are held as part of compulsory optional content (obvezne izbirne vsebine).