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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


7. Health and Well-Being

7.7 Making health facilities more youth friendly

PMS centres, health centres and social services supporting children and young people have been modernised and restructured

The DG wants to meet its own requirement to offer children and young people fair access to education, the best possible development prospects and the most efficient support systems irrespective of their social origin.

Included in the project right from the start: the staff of the PMS centres, health centres and social services supporting children and young people at the kick-off event for the future project in the Ministry.

Based on this assumption, there arose in the DG, as part of the large-scale citizens' dialogue for the development of the Regional Development Concept REK, the vision of a new "Integrated Service", which has as its target the early promotion of the healthy physical and social development of all young people in the DG between 0 and 20 years of age. By "early" is meant preventive and covers measures that start at an early stage in the development of the child (in some cases already before birth, e.g. by information for and care of pregnant women) or a possible incipient negative development (e.g. by making young people more resilient against possible addictive behaviour).

At the focus of this preventive work is, therefore, the promotion of the wellbeing of children and young people by supporting individual skills and resources and by the creation of development-promoting environment and living conditions in all primary spheres of life. This includes crèche, nursery and school just as much as family, neighbourhood or community.

The new service has become a direct point of contact for children, young people and their parents. It is also available in a supporting and advisory capacity to school management teams and teachers in matters of development and health promotion in schools and training centres.

Different services from different responsible bodies have joined together for the good of the young people and their families. An interdisciplinary approach which also clarifies the mission of the best possible promotion of the healthy development of the young people by society as a whole.

The PMS reform in the context of the REK

For the purpose of the implementation of the Regional Development Concept (REK), which formulates a future vision for the DG as a border, education, solidarity and living region, the government has defined 16 future projects with 48 part projects in a first phase.

One of the part projects relates to the modernisation and restructuring of the PMS and health centres as well as the social services supporting children and young people. It is one of three part projects of the future project "Fair Access to Education".

In REK volume 3 the objective of this part project has been defined as follows:

"In the interest of the whole education and training system and in the interest of all children and young people, the available staffing and material resources are to be bundled and used in such a way that the various tasks can be executed by all those affected in an equally efficient and qualified way. Synergy effects should be used by checking how far the different services can be networked with each other. Also the possibility of creating a new joint facility will be investigated. In any case the aim is the improvement of the social-psychological and health care of the children and young people and their parents."

The REK future project "Social Services Hand in Hand" covers on its side aspects of health promotion and prevention and is thus closely linked with the part project on the restructuring of the PMS centres, health centres and social services supporting children and young people.