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10. Youth Work

Last update: 28 November 2023

This chapter describes structures and activities related to youth work in Denmark. 

This chapter provides an overview of the structures and activities of youth work in Denmark.

The term youth work is not widely used in Denmark, however, activities in which young people take part voluntarily, and that are designed for supporting their personal and social development through non-formal and informal learning are widespread.

Youth work is primarily defined in terms of leisure activities (fritidsaktiviteter) which include anything from membership-based activities in organisations and sports to open meeting places for young people such as youth clubs and youth schools.

Youth work takes place at the municipal level and in the third sector. Public, municipal youth work is established and financed at the municipal level. Therefore, youth work varies from municipality to municipality. It is a core task of the municipality to develop strong communities for children and young people with a focus on their well-being, personal development and non-formal learning.

The Ministry of Children and Education is a top-level authority for youth schools (ungdomsskoler), and youth clubs which are the main municipal actors in non-formal education. The Ministry of Culture also has an important role, primarily relating to the third sector. There are no large national youth work programmes; however, some national funding opportunities for which associations and NGOs may apply exist.