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10. Youth Work

Last update: 28 November 2023

The youth policy is the purposeful set of activities in all the fields of state policy to promote the wholesome and versatile development of young people, their inclusion in society and improvement of life quality. As a result of implementing the youth policy, stakeholders (state and municipality institutions, youth organisations, etc.) promote the initiatives of young people, their participation in the decision-making processes and social life, support youth work and provide children with an easier transition to adult status envisaging corresponding activities for personal development of young people. The basis of the youth policy is youth work — a planned practical set of activities developed for young people (events, projects, programmes) in order to improve their life quality.

The everyday practical work with young people is carried out by local governments, setting up an institutional framework for the youth work at local level – appointing a responsible institution, recruiting youth affairs specialists and other employees, establishing a youth centre and performing other activities.Non-governmental organisations are also an essential resource for the youth work.