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10. Youth Work

Last update: 28 November 2023

In Poland, there exists a very diversified scene of youth work providers - from state institutions to youth initiatives, including mass-youth organizations, school-based youth work, and in particular, non-governmental organisations. From 1990, Poland witnessed the growing activity of civic organizations, including youth organizations and further growing professionalization of the sector. At the same time the state initiative in youth policy was diminishing with time. The last Youth Strategy of Poland closed formally in 2012 Since then there were few national policy initiatives that would be directed strategically at youth work sector as a whole, and youth policy had been coordinated by between different ministries with little policy debate on concept and value of different ways of doing youth work. Recently, the new initiatives mark raising interest in supporting youth work in Poland, in particular with newly established Youth Fund (2022-2033) directed at supporting youth organisations and youth councils. Nonetheless, different strand of youth work activities use different streams of funding, with European funding being an important source of financing of youth organisations and initiatives.