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EACEA National Policies Platform


8. Creativity and Culture

8.2 Administration and governance

Last update: 21 January 2021
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  1. Governance
  2. Cross-sectorial cooperation


Main actors:

The Ministry of Culture and Sport (Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte) through the Department of Culture is responsible for establishing, promoting and disseminating the different cultural policies and programmes in the country, following the specific guidelines that correspond to each instance listed in the chart below.

General distribution of responsibilities:

General distribution of responsabilities

Source: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport 2020.


Non-public actors:

The Spanish Youth Council is a plural platform made out of youth entities for the exchange of ideas.

The Workers' Commissions, since the 1970s, has become the largest trade union in Spain. The General Worker’s Union of Spain is one of the two major trade unions in Spain, founded in 1888. It is aimed at protecting the general interest of workers regardless of their labour situation (employed or unemployed) or the kind of contract they have (permanent or temporary).


Cross-sectorial cooperation

The Youth Strategy 2020 (Estrategia Juventud 2020) represents a strategy based on the recommendations of the European Union's E2020 and promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda (Ministerio de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030), which has been responsible for involving all Ministries through the Inter-Ministerial Commission for the Youth.