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9. Youth and the World

9.5 Green volunteering, production and consumption

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Green volunteering
  2. Green production and consumption

Green volunteering

The Foundation for Environmental Education Latvia (FEE Latvia) is one of the largest organisations in Latvia that promotes young people’s participation in environmentally or nature-friendly initiatives. The activities of the FEE Latvia are related to the implementation of the programmes of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE International), the world's leading environmental education organisation. The aim of the organisation is to promote sustainable development through environmental education.

In Latvia, the foundation has been able to provide and support the entire FEE International programmes since 1998 – “Eco-Schools”, “Young Reporters for the Environment”, “Blue Flag, “Green Key” and “Learn Forests”.

 The FEE Latvia has developed and implemented diverse national environmental education activities and projects, working closely with organisations and institutions interested in environmental protection and promoting cross-sectoral co-operation for sustainable development.

In 2020, the FEE Latvia in cooperation with other partners started a new international project “Youth Eco Hub”. The project aims to empower co-operation between Eco-Schools of the Baltic Sea region that are interested to raise awareness about climate change, biodiversity and circular economy. The main idea is to give space and time to young people to get inspiration, develop and carry out their ideas according to their age and needs. “Youth Eco Hub” focuses on developing new competencies of young people such as entrepreneurship, leadership and citizenship as well as finding an active role in the community on a local and international level.

In 2020 the World Wide Fund for Nature in Latvia (WWF Latvia) started a new non-formal education programme for young people called the “Protection Academy” (“Aizstāvības akadēmija”). 20 young people aged 15-25 in cooperation with mentors and experts developed their skills in advocacy work to minimise climate change and natural crisis.  The WWF Latvia coordinates also voluntary work in the field of nature-friendly initiatives.

In 2020 the Latvian Fund for Nature organised a summer school for young people “Game on Climate Change” within the project “Game On: Don’t let climate change end the game!”. The summer school aimed to raise awareness about climate change among young people and introduce specific climate-friendly actions. At the end of the summer school, the participants presented the ideas of climate-friendly initiatives that the young people are planning to develop further. The Latvian Fund for Nature also organises programme “Nature and Climate School for Young People” that offers online courses on issues about climate change and sustainable development.


Green production and consumption

Fascination "homo ecos:" brings together contemporaries who have an important balance for human and planet development.

The aim of the association is to strengthen the social movement, whose members support green ideas and which change or improve their everyday habits in order to be environmentally and people-friendly.

The association has a wide range of cooperation partners and friends: citizens, informal groups, associations, companies, state and municipal institutions.


  • educate - NGO organizes events to inform and educate the public on topical environmental topics - "homo ecos:" Workshops, discussions, movie theaters and other events take place on the green floor and resource storage with useful materials is available, the association creates a radio broadcast "Green Thursday" The Society organizes social campaigns for the StarFM radio, to the general public
  • involve - "homo ecos:" involves the target audience of the society in updating and solving environmental issues, the association organizes volunteering, participates in workshops and events involving the public. One of the initiatives of the association is the use of the fitoremediation method for the development of degraded and contaminated sites, which was started in spring 2013 with the creation of the Soul Garden in Sarkandaugava.
  • inspire and encourage - "homo ecos:" creates space and time to meet people who want to change their everyday habits to get inspiration and encouragement for eco-friendly solutions for everyone to exchange ideas and experiences.

At homo ecos: search for information, engagement, inspiration and encouragement for climate change, green habits, green packaging, waste-free, Latvia - the greenest country in the world and sustainable activities.