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EACEA National Policies Platform


2. Voluntary Activities

2.9 Skills recognition

Last update: 17 January 2023
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  1. Policy Framework
  2. Existing arrangements

Policy Framework

There is no policy framework for recognition of skills gained through volunteering. 

Existing arrangements

There is no official mechanism for the recognition of skills gained through volunteering. 

The online tool D-skills for employment represents a pilot initiative, and it is a result of the project VOLWEM – Volunteering as a Way to Employment. D- skills is the pilot project that can potentially lead (in the future) to the national system of skills validation in the future. Self-assessment is available to those volunteers whose organization participates in D-skills project. There are strict quality standards for an organisation where young people (but not only young people) can volunteer, and not many organisations are ready to go under such scrutiny.

D-skills has two levels: a certificate issued by Matej Bell University, which validates experiences suitable for employment, and a confirmation document to acknowledge volunteer experience in a more general way.

This tool enables volunteers to realize, name, record, and prove competencies gained or developed in volunteering. Their skills assessment is accompanied by photographs, videos, or by other output related to volunteering. The questionnaire is verified by a coordinator from an organisation providing volunteering opportunities for the particular volunteer. The gained competencies are recognized by the committee established at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. A certificate listing relevant competencies is issued subsequently. The online tool D-skills for employment was made officially accessible at the beginning of 2015. More information is available in Manual D-skills for employment

The spectrum of opportunities for gaining experiences as volunteers is much broader in Slovakia, and various documents are given to volunteers.  Many young people use Youthpass as evidence of volunteering experiences, especially from European Solidarity Corps.