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EACEA National Policies Platform


4. Social Inclusion

4.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 18 September 2021
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  1. Forthcoming policy developments
  2. Ongoing debates

Forthcoming policy developments

One of the most important structural changes in the area of the social inclusion policy is the reform of the social and health care services. For more information, visit Youth Wiki/Finland 7.8 Current Debates and Reforms.

Ongoing debates

What is open youth work for over 16 years old and what are their needs? This has been pondered upon in the +16 network of youth workers of the Centre of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work Kanuuna. Many from that age group move out for the first time to live on their own. Moving to one’s own household happens in Finland relatively early because of the long distances, sparse population, and the relatively thin network of educational institutions in many areas. Based on that need, Kanuuna created Young people getting independent online pages. Three important messages are included: moving out on your own isn’t just about having a flat and a place to study, there are many other kinds of needs to be discussed, such as one’s feelings, well-being, financial situation, and free-time activities. A youth worker can step in as a reliable adult discussion partner. And in some cases, in which a youth worker needs more knowledge, methods or information about supportive services, material has now been created to support them in their work.