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7. Health and Well-Being

7.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 5 June 2024
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Forthcoming policy developments

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Ongoing debates

‘Finnish Gutsu Go – make peace visible’ -method has been chosen to be included in the EU Best Practice -portal in the category of best school-based methods for early intervention to enhance mental health (For description of the method, check the portal.) The proposition was made by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

On its own webpage, Gutsy go is described to be ‘A communal method to encourage participation’. It is said to combine ‘the media and pedagogy to train whole age-groups of youths to build solutions to strengthen peace and trust together for the good of their communities. This is done as a part of comprehensive school education. The projects are documented into videos, which are then screened in local premieres and shared on social media to inspire the entire country.’ 

As described in the mentioned EU best practice portal, ‘Gutsy Go has been funded by Finnish Foundations to develop its teacher training systems, provide materials, and best practices through its online platform, conduct impact studies, and make the method known and more accessible to as many schools as possible. The Ministry of Education and the Finnish Parliament have also provided grants. On a local level, the city or local school has provided funds to cover the costs of teacher training, assistance in using video making, and supporting teachers on-site with the interventions. Some of the social innovations made by youth during the Gutsy Go activities have received pro bono support from local companies.’