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5. Participation

Last update: 28 November 2023

The rights of all young people to participate in planning, decision-making and implementing the matters related to their lives are well recognised in the law base starting from the Constitution. Since 2006, the Youth Act specified the youth participation and the right of young people to be heard in the municipalities as a legal obligation. Based on the Youth Act (2016) Section 24 – 'Participation, consultation and influence':


  • 'Provisions on the opportunities to be provided for young people to participate and exert an influence in youth councils or similar youth advocacy groups are set out in section 26 of the Local Government Act (410/2015).
  • Aside from the provisions of this Act, the local and central government authorities shall offer and organise opportunities for young people to be involved and exert an influence in the processing of issues related to local, regional and nationwide youth work and policies, or otherwise ensure that they are consulted in said contexts. Additionally, young people shall be consulted in matters that affect them.'