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4. Social Inclusion

4.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Formerly, the main topic that was debated on the social inclusion of the young people was the need to design a Plan of Action 2022-2024. Currently, this plan was started in 2022 and runs until 2024. This includes two hundred measures aimed at the empowerment and emancipation of young people, with a budget of 33,330 million.

Beyond the updating of the plans for inclusion and the abovementioned parliamentary activity, there is no prospect in the future for the development of legislation related to the social inclusion of young people. The new National Strategy for the prevention and fight against poverty and social exclusion has kept this approach too.

As new challenges, while deepening the objectives already proposed in the plans, some points to consider are:

  • The inclusion of disadvantaged young people in the information society and communication to avoid social gaps that lead to economic gaps
  • Integration, cohesion and social and democratic participation. Channelling the political, social and cultural participation of youth
  • Meeting the demographic challenge. Reverting the aging trend of the population pyramid in Spain and favour the increase of the birth rate among young Spaniards
  • Strengthen the European identity of young Spaniards and their democratic spirit.