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2. Voluntary Activities

2.6 Quality assurance

Last update: 28 November 2023

There are no regulations in Poland for quality assurance of youth volunteering or volunteering in general. There is no national registry of organisations that offer the opportunity to work voluntarily. For those looking for such opportunities and for institutions and organisations looking for volunteers, the main source of knowledge and contacts is the network of Volunteering Centres (described in Section 2.2 Administration and Governance of Youth Volunteering), which consists of regional and local volunteering centres and some infrastructural (umbrella) non-governmental organisations. The only way to withdraw support for an organisation that is not properly running its volunteering programs is an inspection by sponsors during the funding period. The Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work also provides for the possibility of withdrawing the status of Public Benefit Organisation (a status which includes, among other things, the right to participate in the 1% tax donation mechanism, since 2023, the value of this tax rebete was increased to 1,5%), however, this only occurs if an inspection carried out by the minister shows that the organisation is guilty of the irregularities described in the Act, but they include formal irregularities (lack of reports, unreported public collections, or inadequate accounting of grants), rather than irregularities that are identified on the basis of an in-depth evaluation of the quality of the activities carried out.

The available information regarding volunteering in Poland comes primarily from surveys by the Centre for Public Opinion Research (Centrum Badania Opinii Społecznej - CBOS) and the Klon/Jawor Association (Stowarzyszenie Klon/Jawor), but it is mostly quantitative data and does not in any way constitute a source of knowledge about the quality of youth volunteering programmes.