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EACEA National Policies Platform


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.7 Funding youth policy

Last update: 25 March 2022
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  1. How Youth policy is funded
  2. What is funded?
  3. Financial accountability
  4. Use of EU Funds

How Youth policy is funded


No single source of funding for activities relating to Polish youth policy can be identified. Projects and programmes with young people in mind are financed from funds being at the disposal of individual ministries, governmental agencies or local governments. Based on available information, it is possible to quote the amounts that are earmarked for strategic programmes and projects for young people:

The Children and Youth Council of the Republic of Poland operating under the authority of the Minister of Education and Science has no budget of its own. Expenses relating to its operation are covered from a budget remaining at the disposal of the Minister of Education and Science.

As there are no sources available and because it is difficult to estimate the amount of support already provided (e.g.: as part of grant competitions organised at local, regional or national levels or competitions organised by non-governmental bodies) it is difficult to estimate the amount of funding which has reached non-governmental organisations implementing projects mobilising young people.

What is funded?

Not applicable

Financial accountability

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Use of EU Funds

Projects relating to increasing employment opportunities funded under the operational programme Knowledge, Education, Development within 2014-2020 will receive over EUR 2 000 000 000 out of the programme budget of over EUR 5 430 000 000.

The budget of the programme Youth solidarity in action (Młodzież solidarna w działaniu), that supports initiatives contributing to gaining social competencies by young people under 29 years old, amounted PLN 20 mln.