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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.7 Funding youth policy

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. How Youth policy is funded
  2. What is funded?
  3. Financial accountability
  4. Use of EU Funds

How Youth policy is funded

A special budget is allocated to the national youth policy. It is financed from the national budget mainly through the Ministry of Social Security and Labor in several strategic directions.
Funding is used to implement international, national and regional youth policy goals. In some cases, the funding of youth policy measures is integrated with the funding of other measures, so the more precise scale of youth policy funding is higher than the main figures of appropriations presented here. The funding directions are provided in the Action plan of the National Youth Policy for 2022-2024.

What is funded?

  • Allocations from national budget dotations to municipalities to implement national function "Youth rights protection" in 2016 were 800, in 2023 – 1 243 thousand euros.
  • Allocations from national budget to:
  1. Program Increasing employment: "Implement the youth guarantee initiative and other programs promoting youth employment" - in 2022 were 5050, in 2023 - 450 thousand euros.
  2. Program Social mobilization (solidarity): "Implement youth policy measures at local, regional, national levels, and represent youth policy issues at the international level" - in 2022 were 4631, in 2023 - 4647 thousand euros.
  3. To municipalities Ensure the implementation of youth policy functions in municipalities: in 2022 were 1200, in 2023 - 1200 thousand euros.

Financial accountability

The laws of the Republic of Lithuania establish mandatory requirements concerning financial records of all state institutions and business entities. State institutions provide mandatory financial accountability reports once a year. 

Use of EU Funds

Part of the strategic goals in the youth policy is also financed from the European Union funds. The specific funds allocated to youth policy are unknown, but the total amount of money allocated in 2022-2023 from the EU for social security strategic purposes can be seen here.