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EACEA National Policies Platform


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.7 Funding youth policy

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. How Youth policy is funded
  2. What is funded?
  3. Financial accountability
  4. Use of EU Funds

How Youth policy is funded

There is a specific budget for the Agency that coordinates youth policy. The budget for 2020 was EUR 1,155,000. For 2021 the budget was EUR 1,330,000. For 2022 the budget was EUR 1,828,000.


Apart from these line votes youth policy is also funded ad hoc from several other budget lines within the different Ministries that provide services for young people. No information on such budget lines is available.


What is funded?

The policy priorities that are being funded are the following:

1. Extending and increasing Quality Youth Work (including detached youth work).

2. Social Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

3. Develop the 4 regional centres

4. Expand youth information

5. Include more facilities for mobility projects through Erasmus+ in the Youth Village.


Financial accountability

In order to access public funds, any youth organisation must be enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. The enrolment necessitates the youth organisation has a Statute or Deed that are in line with the Voluntary Organisations Act. To qualify for enrolment the organisation has to be non-profit; autonomous; voluntary; that no part of the income, capital or property of the organisation shall be available directly or in directly to any promoter, member, administrator, donor or other private interest and must have a dissolution clause whereby upon winding up the organisation any remaining assets should be applied in favour of another organisation/s with similar aims. Also, the Act states that the youth organisation must produce annual accounts which need to be authenticated by at least 2 authorised persons and an annual administration report that needs to be authenticated by at least 1 authorised person. 


Use of EU Funds

Erasmus+ Programme


Erasmus+ 2019

EUR 1, 850 397

EUR 2.76 million

European Solidarity Corps 2019

EUR 909 488

Erasmus+ 2020

EUR 2,327 554

EUR 3.40 million

European Solidarity Corps 2020

EUR1,070 762


The MT NA is part of the  +: The MT NA is involved in the RAY network - Research-based Analysis and Monitoring of European Youth Programmes – is an open and self-governed European research network. Currently, 36 National Agencies of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action & European Solidarity Corps programmes and their research partners are involved.  Currently the MT NA is supporting the following studies:

  • RAY MON - explores how the youth programmes contribute to strategies that frame and guide the sector and programmes.
  • RAY LEARN - follow the trajectory of youth organisations/groups/ networks involved in programmes over time,​ with a focus on approaches and methods to support the organisational learning and development of these organisations/ groups/networks.
  • RAY PART is a research project to explore approaches to participation and citizenship education,​ in E+ YiA projects which approaches are particularly effective in developing participation and citizenship competences and how the competences necessary to implement these approaches can be developed.
  • RAY SOC MON explores a broad scope of aspects of the European youth programmes to contribute to the development and implementation of the European Solidarity Corps.




The table below shows the type and number of activities supported in 2019 to date.

Activity (prj)

Activities Contracted

Youth Exchanges - Programme Countries


National youth meetings


Mobility of youth workers - Programme Countries


Mobility of youth workers - Partner Countries


Advance Planning Visit – Youth Exchange


Project Management and Implementation


Transnational Project Meetings


Intellectual Outputs


Multiplier Events


Short-term joint staff training events


Blended mobility of young people


Youth Exchanges - Partner Countries


Exceptional Costs


Blended mobility of adult learners


Exceptional Costs for Expensive Travel


Transnational youth meetings



European Social Fund (ESF) Programme


Activities funded include:


Training, counselling and job exposure to young NEETs under the age of 25 to equip them with the necessary skills and competences to either access educational/training paths or re-enter the labour market.


The Youth Guarantee is funded by the European Social Fund with a budget of EUR 5,909,329.

The Work Exposure Scheme is funded by the European Social Fund with a budget of EUR 2,439,254

The Traineeship Scheme is funded by the European Social Fund with a budget of EUR 4,883,424. This budget covers the period 2016 till 2023.