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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


1. Youth Policy Governance

1.7 Funding youth policy

On this page
  1. How Youth policy is funded
  2. What is funded?
  3. Financial accountability
  4. Use of EU Funds

How Youth policy is funded

National level

Because four ministries (Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport; Ministry of Security and Justice; Ministry of Education, Culture and Science; Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment – see par 1.3) are responsible together for all youth related policies, the public expenditure allocated to youth is hard to define.

Local level

Municipalities are free to choose how they are going to spend their funding on youth. Therefore, the expenditure differs between municipalities.

What is funded?

More information about national programmes on youth to foster evidence based policies is given in Paragraph 1.7.

Financial accountability

As mentioned before (in this paragraph), because four ministries are involved and the fact that local expenditure differs, it is hard to say something in general about financial accountability. This needs further exploration.

Use of EU Funds

Information about the use of EU funds is given in paragraph 1.9 Cross-border cooperation with European countries.