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EACEA National Policies Platform


5. Participation

Last update: 21 December 2020

Youth participation has been a starting principle in the youth sector in Estonia. The Youth Work Act outlines the principles of youth work in Estonia, whereby one of the main principles says: “youth work is done for youth and with youth, involving them in the decision-making process”. See more in Chapter 5.1. Most political parties in Estonia have a dedicated form for young people to participate – whether it is a substructure Under the organization or a separate organization.  See more in Chapter 5.2. In Estonia, the term “youth parliament” is not defined legally.

There are local and county level youth participation councils in Estonia. The Estonian National Youth Council coordinates and supports the development and activities of youth councils in Estonia. There are also higher education student unions, school student unions, which represent young people. See more in Chapter 5.3. The participation of young people in decision making is defined as one of four strategic objectives in the Youth Field Development Plan 2014-2020. See more in Chapter 5.5