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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


5. Participation

Essentially Hungarian youngsters have less of an interest in politics, although in general, youngsters of other Central and Eastern states have only a moderate interest in politics. In simple terms, those who are interested in politics are in a fewer number than those who are not interested.  [The Hungarian youth research (Ifjúságkutatás 2016)] 

The interest of young people toward political issues and participation (based on self-assessment) are continuously studied through large-scale youth research. The latest results of the Hungarian Youth research 2016 showed that 55% of respondents show activity regarding the willingness to vote (55% of the respondents would participate or would probably participate in a parliamentary election hold on this Sunday). (For more details about the results of the research see sub-chapter 5.2 Youth participation in a representative democracy.)

One of the indicators of active engagement in politics is being connected to an organisation. The more interested youngsters are in politics, the more likely they hold membership in non-governmental institutions. The primary reasons for this are friends and community or the possibility of advocacy.  [National Youth Strategy - Additional Information  p.33 (Nemzeti Ifjúsági Stratégia - Háttéranyag 33.o.)

In Hungary 'one-seventh of young people are members of organisations. […] Instead of organised ways of community and social activity the different age groups are more interested in the social activities which have a specific aim, or which are organised around a particular issue.' [National Youth Strategy (Nemzeti Ifjúsági Stratégia)]

Promoting youth participation is an objective of the Government of Hungary, that is reflected in several documents and action plans. The primary strategy dealing with the theme is the National Youth Strategy 2009-2024, but it is important to mention the National Youth Strategy – Action Plans, and the Programme for the Future of New Generation as well. (For more details see sub-chapter 5.5 National Strategy to Increase Youth Participation.)