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8. Creativity and Culture

Last update: 28 November 2023

In general, the situation with cultural consumption is excellent in Estonia, when we look at event participation. The overall level of cultural consumption is remarkably high. The Eurobarometer cultural consumption index reveals that 30% of Estonians belonged to the group with a very high or high level of cultural consumption in 2013. No new data from the Eurobarometer is available, but based on the data of Statistics Estonia, the percentage of people (from age 15) participating in cultural life was 73.8% in 2020. Read more about the main trends in young people's creativity and cultural participation from Chapter 8.1

There is no single body responsible for the creativity and culture of young people as the domain covers several policy areas, which have established different divisions of tasks between different Ministries and between the local and central levels. The main Governmental authority responsible for the creativity and culture of young people in Estonia according to the Government of the Republic Act is the Ministry of Culture, where there are two departments relevant to the culture and creativity of youth: the Arts Department and the Cultural Diversity Department. Read more about the main actors and cooperation in the field from Chapter 8.2

There is no single document that could be considered a national strategy on creativity and culture for young people, but a set of official documents integrating major directions to be followed in the organization of policymaking and implementation in relation to creativity and culture for young people. You can read more about the national strategies that are connected to creativity and culture from Chapter 8.3.

The main policy connected with ensuring young people access to culture is formulated in the Youth Sector Development Plan 2021-2035 described in more detail in Chapter 8.3. Under this policy document, the most important governmental initiative concerned with the culture and creativity of young people has been supporting hobby education and hobby activities, including removing obstacles of their access. This initiative is described in detail under Chapter 8.5. The promotion of culture and cultural participation is addressed more in Chapter 8.4 and the development of entrepreneurial skills through culture in Chapter 8.6.

The fostering of the creative use of new technologies is addressed in Chapter 8.7. You can read more regarding cooperation on the topic between different parties from Chapter 8.8. The main new initiative to foster equality and involvement through participation in cultural activities is the Additional financing for hobby education and activities since 2017. The program is described in chapter 8.5. However, many of the initiatives described in Chapter 8.9. directly support this aim as well.