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5. Participation

Last update: 28 November 2023

When they participate actively in society, young people are empowered and play an important role in both their personal development and the development of the communities in which they reside. Participation in society also strengthens ties between generations and encourages young people's social integration. The strong operation of our democracies and the durability of policies that have an influence on the lives of young people themselves depend on the active engagement of young people in democracy. To be fully ingrained in young people, democratic engagement must go beyond the official political system. Therefore, encouraging involvement may be accomplished through a variety of projects and actions carried out in various contexts and settings. The participation of young people in democracy through crowdsourcing (Yfantis et al., 2020) and other methods (Yfantis et al., 2021) has been extensively explored further in the academic world (Yfantis et al., 2019).