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EACEA National Policies Platform: Youthwiki


10. Youth work

10.7 Raising awareness about youth work

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  1. Information providers
  2. Key initiatives

Information providers

Mainly the youth work institutions, organizations, youth workers and local municipalities, are disseminating information regarding youth work. There is no single website to provide all information on youth work to young people.

In the end of 2020, the website of Estonian Youth Work Centre (since 01.08.2020 the Education and Youth Board) has a general overview of different youth work activities on their website and it is targeted to youth workers mainly. Starting from 2021, a new site called Education Portal (Haridusportaal) will gather information of youth work. For example, in 2020 on the site of Estonian Youth Work Centre, there are brought out the number of open youth centers, hobby schools and youth camps in local municipalities. Starting from 01.08.2020 Estonian Youth Work Centre amongst other organzations under the administration of the Ministry of Education and Research were joint into one institution called Education and Youth Board, which also manages the youth information website Teeviit that includes also youth work possibilities.

As youth work is the task of a local municipality by law in Estonia, most of them have information regarding youth work on their websites. Some of them have organized their youth work through one subordinate establishment that offers information on youth work possibilities on their websites. For example, one of many, Tartu city has created an institution called Tartu Youth Work Centre (Tartu Noorsootöö Keskus) that has all the relevant information on youth work targeted to young people. Some regions have their own youth websites that offer youth work information, e.g. Youth Information Portal of Valga County called TANKLA. Open youth centers have a big role in disseminating information on youth work possibilities and they do it through websites, social media, and direct contact with young people, etc.

National Youth Information

Youth information provides young people information regarding the surrounding life, supports their independency, increases their knowledge of different opportunities and choices to organize their life better, and increases the meaningful participation in the society. Youth information in Estonia is targeted to young people aged 7-26 and is based on the needs and interests of young people.

The youth information service is provided by youth work institutions and workers of the youth field.

The leading youth information developer in Estonia is the Education and Youth Board that has the role of developing youth information on the national level. EYWC is also participating in the network of ERYICA (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency). The youth information activities are funded by the national youth information budget and through the ESF programme “Tõrjutusriskis noorte kaasamine ja noorte tööhõivevalmiduse parandamine”.

A national development group for youth information has been created. It aims to create a unitary national basis for developing youth information systematically. The development group consists of the Estonian Youth Workers AssociationAssociation of Estonian Open Youth CentresFoundation Archimedes youth agency (since 01.01.2021, the Department of Youth Programs of the Agency of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps of the Education and Youth Board), Estonian Youth Council, youth department of Ministry of Education and Research, Youth Council of Viimsi, youth delegates of ERYICA, Education and Youth Board and ERYICA trainer.

On the national level, a website called Teeviit (in translation “signpost”) is being used as a youth information channel for young people. It offers (in addition to the possibility of analyzing your experiences mentioned in Chapter 10.6.) information regarding education and studying possibilities, work and career, relationships, health, and society. There are also youth work possibilities, stories based on experiences, contacts for help and advice, information on different offers and events for young people.


Key initiatives

National Youth Work Week

The Education and Youth Board organizes Youth Work Week annually since 2011 (up to 31.07.2020 it was organized by the Estonian Youth Work Centre), which aims to raise awareness on the whole field of youth and youth work opportunities offered all over Estonia, introduce the occupation of a youth worker and offer experiences for young people and to analyze those experiences as well.

Each year, there is a certain topic set to focus on. In 2019, the topic was called “Health. My wellbeing” and it focused on mental, physical and social health. There were almost 300 events organized through this campaign and the ESF programme “Tõrjutusriskis noorte kaasamine ja noorte tööhõivevalmiduse parandamine” funded the activities. Youth Work Week is targeted to raise awareness of all people, including young people, society, communities, youth workers, etc.

International Youth Day

The International Youth Day has been celebrated in Estonia since 2003. Through that, different activities have been organized for young people and possibilities for young people have been introduced. Each year, similar to Youth Work Week, a specific topic is being set based on the UN focus topic. The Education and Youth Board organizes the International Youth Day. Different campaigns (including social media) are being organized annually. International Youth Day is targeted to raise awareness of all people, including young people, society, communities, youth workers, etc.

Developing and Communicating the Impact of Youth Work across Europe

During the years 2016-2018, Estonian Youth Work Centre (starting from 01.08.2020 Education and Youth Board) with the Estonian Youth Workers Association and the Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres participated in the Erasmus+ project “Developing and Communicating the Impact of Youth Work across Europe”. UK, Finland, France, and Italy also participated. The project was piloted in open youth centers using transformative evaluation based on storytelling. The findings of the project were introduced at the international conference held at Plymouth University, UK, in September 2018. The main results showed that young people participating in open youth work had four key changes – broadening of the spectrum of experiences, new friends, development of pro-social behavior, improvement of social and communication skills. In November 2019, a development day “Important Story” was conducted as a result of the pilot project. In the first half of 2020, 8 local municipalities have the possibility to participate in the project of assessing impact. 300-400 stories will be gathered from young people that will give an overview of what changes are brought by participating in open youth work. The project is now funded by the Education and Youth Board and implemented by the Estonian Youth Workers Association and the Association of Estonian Open Youth Centres.

Thorough monitoring and analyzing system for youth work quality and impact

The Youth Work Programme 2019-2022 (Noortevaldkonna programm 2019-2022) has an activity 4.2. called “Improvement of youth work quality and promoting youth work impact” sub-activity “Improvement of youth work impact and visibility of results of youth work”, which aims in raising awareness of youth work impact and results. Through the activities, a thorough monitoring and analyzing system for youth work quality and impact will be created. The programme is funded by the ESF.