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7. Health and Well-Being

7.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 28 November 2023

Forthcoming policy developments


Paediatrics and Child Health Conferences (Assises de la pédiatrie et de la santé de l’enfant)

            The creation of a paediatric and child health conference was announced at the end of 2022. These conferences are one of the angles of approach of the health action plan proposed by the Minister of Health, including, in a post-pandemic framework, immediate and medium/long-term responses for the evolution of services and the situation of health personnel. The aim of the conference is to enable "a cross-cutting and global reflection on children's health", which will lead to the adoption of a roadmap on children's health in spring 2023.

New national tobacco control plan to be published soon

The National Tobacco Control Plan 2018-2022 has been completed and is to be followed by a plan for the next three years, to be announced shortly.Mental health of young people: the Human Rights Defender calls for an emergency plan

In June 2022, the Human Rights Defender* called on the Prime Minister to make the mental health of young people a priority, recalling the thirty or so recommendations from the report Children's mental health: the right to well-being, published in November 2021.

*The Defender of Rights is an independent State institution. Created in 2011 and enshrined in the Constitution, it has two missions:

- to defend people whose rights are not respected;

- to ensure equal access to rights for all.


Ongoing debates

No ongoing debates.