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7. Health and Well-Being

7.8 Current debates and reforms

Last update: 3 April 2024

In order to strengthen the public healthcare system, the Hungarian government has adopted the 'Healthy Hungary 2021-2027 Strategy'. From 2021 onwards, the general GP tasks could be extended to include the tasks of paediatricians, as GPs will also have to pass the relevant examinations. The aim was to ensure high- quality health care also for children living in smaller towns.

According to Ministry information in 2024, the new 'National Public Health Programme 2023-2030' is under preparation. One special target group of the programme will be young people. The aim is the comprehensive health development among children and young people, through the improvement of the related skills and competencies. Furthermore, the plan is to improve the health development activities in families, in public education and in higher education institutions and in the related communities.