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9. Youth and the World

9.5 Green volunteering, production and consumption

Last update: 28 November 2023
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  1. Green volunteering
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Green volunteering


The project Woesteland is part of The Institute for Nature Conservation Education (IVN). Woesteland is a project for youth from 12 – 30 years old. Woesteland organizes activities. These activities, mainly during holidays and work weekends, are aimed at shaping sustainable development by doing voluntary work in nature. The food at these projects is vegetarian and organic. All activities of Woesteland are organized by and for young people. The activities are coordinated by volunteers. Woesteland originated in 2005. Woesteland is financed by IVN and The National Post Code Lottery. The project has no timeframe. Information on outcomes is unknown.   


Green production and consumption

Groenpact Jongerenplatform (Greenpact Youth Platform)

The Groenpact Jongerenplatform is set up by Groenpact to incorporate the ideas, knowledge and considerations of young people about the future of the food and agricultural system and the green living environment. Groenpact (Greenpact) addresses the current major challenges of food security, climate change and the loss of biodiversity. It is a network organization that aims at strong cooperation across regions, countries, and sectors. In 2022 it works together with over 80 organizations, such as green education institutes, the business community, civil society organizations and with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The following youth organizations are part of the Groenpact Jongerenplatform:

  • Jonge Klimaatbeweging (JKB) (Young Climate Movement) represents the voice of young people in the climate debate on behalf of more than fifty diverse youth organisations.
  • Klimaat en Energiekoepel (KEK) (Climate and Energy umbrella organization) is a network of young professionals who work on climate and energy issues.
  • Nederlands agrarisch Jongeren Kontakt (NAJK) (Netherlands Agricultural Youth Contact) represents the interests of agricultural youth in The Hague and Brussels, and offers tools for development and better entrepreneurship.
  • Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) is a network for young people who are committed to healthy, sustainable and fair food for everyone.
  • Studenten voor morgen (SVM) (Students for tomorrow) is  a student network for a sustainable future in higher education.
  • Voor de Oogst van Overmorgen (OvOM) (For the Harvest of the Day after tomorrow) organizes national and regional leadership programs for young people in the food system in the future.