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9. Youth and the World

9.5 Green volunteering, production and consumption

Last update: 5 April 2023
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  1. Green volunteering
  2. Green production and consumption

Green volunteering

In Hungary there is no explicit state organisation or institution promoting green, environmental volunteering. Nevertheless, there is the aforementioned publicly organised and maintained 'Teszedd!' Movement ('Teszedd!' Önkéntesen a tiszta Magyarországért) and '72 hours of without compromise' ('72 óra kompromisszum nélkül'), should be mentioned all of which involve nature conservation volunteering activities. (For more information see sub-chapter 9.4 Raising awareness about global issues.)

Green production and consumption

In Hungary there are various campaigns to promote environmentally friendly production and consumption. However, these are not aimed specifically at young people, they can participate in the programmes. There is no available statistical data on how many young people are participated in these programmes. The most important campaigns are: