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EACEA National Policies Platform


9. Youth and the World

9.6 Intercontinental youth work and development cooperation

Last update: 4 March 2022
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  1. Intercontinental youth work cooperation
  2. Development cooperation activities

Intercontinental youth work cooperation

The Norwegian National Commission for UNESCO (2017-2020) consists of 8 members appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. All members have special skills in at least one of UNESCO’s four disciplines.

Each year Norwegian non-profit organizations can apply to the National Commission for grants. The grants are used to implementing UNESCO projects supporting the National Commission´s priorities. In addition to allocating economic support, the National Commission is an advisory body to Norwegian authorities on UNESCO issues. Co-operation with other National Commissions and international actors is a priority for the Commission.

Norway participates in the Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet).

Development cooperation activities

The Norwegian Peace Corp Youth [Fredskorpset – Fredskorpset Ung] funds more than 20 different exchange programs, including south-south exchanges. The different partners of FK are in charge of recruiting, and have the executive responsibility of participants and projects.

An exchange consists of three different parts: Preparation course, the stay abroad, and follow-up work in the participant’s home countries.

Objectives of the exchange

  • Developing young leaders
  • Increase capacity in partner organizations
  • Each partnership is to agree on goals related to their thematic field (e.g. advocacy, health, education, entrepreneurship)

Countries involved: Norway, and the countries receiving aid/exchanges.