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1. Youth Policy Governance

1.5 Cross-sectoral approach with other ministries

Last update: 21 March 2024
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On this page
  1. Mechanisms and actors

Mechanims and actors

In 2022, the Government initiated a process at ministerial level to achieve better interaction and coordination between the sectors in policy development and policy implementation for vulnerable children, young people and their families. This has led to the establishment of an inter-ministerial Core Group consisting of the Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Culture and Equality, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Ministry of Justice and Public Security, Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion and Ministry of Children and Families. The group is led by the Ministry of Children and Families. The Core Group is meant to function as a permanent structure for inter-ministerial cooperation. The end goal is that vulnerable children, young people and their families receive necessary support, regardless of sector or level of administration.

An inter-agency cooperation structure has also been established consisting of 13 underlying directorates and agencies and is coordinated by the Directorate for Children Youth and Family Affairs. The purpose of this structure to support the inter-ministerial Core Group and contribute to cross-sector cooperation on children and young people at directorate/agency (public administration) level. This may involve developing new ways of working to solve cross-sectoral collaboration challenges and working more systematically with development and innovation in public administration. This cooperation structure is meant to support the goals and ambitions of the ministries' Core Group for vulnerable children and young people.

The following directorates and agencies participate in this work:

  • The Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs
  • The Directorate for Education and Training
  • The Labour and Welfare Administration
  • The Directorate of Health
  • The Directorate of e-health
  • Statped (National service for special needs education)
  • The National Mediation Service
  • The National Police Directorate
  • The Institute of Public Health
  • The Directorate of Integration and Diversity
  • The State Housing Bank
  • The Media Authority
  • The Correctional Service