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8. Creativity and Culture

8.3 National strategy on creativity and culture for young people

Last update: 28 November 2023
On this page
  1. Existence of a national strategy
  2. Scope and contents
  3. Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy
  4. Revisions/updates

Existence of a national strategy

White Paper No. 18 (2020-2021) on children and youth culture [«Oppleve, skape, dele — Kunst og kultur for, med og av barn og unge»] affirms children and youth culture as a unified policy area at the national level.

Scope and contents

The policy goals presented in White Paper No. 18 (2020-2021) are:

  • all children and young people, regardless of background, should be provided with access to art and culture,
  • art and culture that is created for and disseminated to children and young people, is of high quality,
  • all children and young people should be provided with the opportunity to experience and to create culture on their own terms.

These goals are to be achieved though:


Responsible authority for the implementation of the strategy

White Paper No. 18 (2020-2021) spells out the Government’s policy priorities and is not a strategy or action plan. The primary responsibility for following up policy priorities lies with the Ministry of Culture, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Research. Arts for Young Audiences Norway [Kulturtanken], municipalities, counties and other cultural institutions are responsible for the strengthening of municipal schools of music and the arts and the Cultural Schoolbag [Den Kulturelle Skolesekken] programme.


There are no revisions or updates.